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Dude, it's kind of like I posted a "how-to" to change the head-gasket on a Subaru.
Then you post; "Ya know, this how-to doesn't work for my Buick. People should be warned!"
And you attach a picture of the "how-to" and it's not even the "how-to" this thread is about.

I'm not frustrated that you're trying to help people with Buicks - but that you flag this template that I created, and say it doesn't work. But the template you're talking about is NOT the template this thread is about.
And you're installing a "Buick" [non-demo] when the template here is for a Subaru. [Demo]

Please tell me you get why that seems slightly frustrating, for pretty obvious reasons!?
Point taken, posts deleted.

For the record, I never flagged your template, nor did I state it doesn't work, I presented the one I referenced with a picture. Nevermind.