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    Looking for new job. Software/tech. Business development/sales/strategic partnerships

    I've been with my current company for 5 years and been successful (promotions, raises, excellent reviews) but have maximized my growth potential here and thinking about moving on. Any maggot-certified leads would be appreciated.

    Seeking business development, sales engineer, or strategic partnership positions. Have a solid history of of exceeding quotas, negotiating with C-level officers, and closing large scale deals (500+ user licenses, 1-2 year implementation time frames, 5+ year service contracts) for public and private sector software deployments.

    Currently based on the Front Range but potentially open to relocation to other areas.

    PM me for a CV or more details.

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    the most important thing is the correct resume and interview, if not for my resume, then I would not get my job

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    It seems to me that you do not need to spend time on the forums because here you definitely will not find any Wakan. You have a very impressive resume and if it is correctly formatted, then you will be able to get the desired position in almost any company. I would advise you to prepare a cool resume (for this you can use the tips and templates that are on and find free vacancies. I'm sure that everything will work out for you. Good luck !!!
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