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    Hardcopy and e-book versions seem to be available at the AAA store:
    I swear on my glass eye,

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    Reading my copy now, to try to get into the right frame of mind for the upcoming winter.

    Interesting commentary in the recent MT slide thread that so many accidents are just the same set of mistakes over and over. Normally I wouldn't agree one bit, but the first half of the book had been a broken record of "highmarking, no gear, dead". It seems like the sled crowd has gotten better about this, but maybe not?

    A lot has been made that despite usage going way up, deaths have remained nearly the same. Reading these 20 year old accidents, so many of which involved no education or gear, it seems like the main difference is that people are getting the education and gear these days. Which makes the accidents today "more interesting" in terms of the lessons that they can teach. A bunch of dudes highmarking on a "high" day with no gear- not much to learn. A bunch of experienced and prepared skiers getting caught on a moderate day- lots to learn there. I wish the survivors could talk more about the heuristic traps with experienced groups- that's where the real learning could occur.

    Those of you involved in the publication- agree, disagree, thoughts?

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