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    I kept bees for years; fun hobby. I gave up about 5 years ago, but still help a friend with her hives (we just harvested two days ago.) The hive in the OP looks like a nightmare to maintain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiddleOfNight View Post
    Fast forward a few years: I keep bees now.

    But in an unprecedented showing of personal growth and maturity, I took formal classes and prepared myself before jumping in .. (eye roll)

    With a new perspective, I re-watched the video.

    I was fascinated when I first saw this. But I didn't know any better. I was the target audience.
    And I get it, the video is aimed with a pretty narrow focus - by design for the crowd-sourcing. But there is SO much more to beekeeping (and honey extraction) than this. So much more.

    It is interesting .. but I agree: gimmicky and short-sighted. Like everything worth working for, there are no shortcuts. No tricks. There's no bee 'life hack.' If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    This design looks .. wrong (?) to me now.

    +1 to whoever said it, if it's just about honey .. maybe befriend a bee keeper or buy it at the farmers market (or pull a KQ and host bees on your property). Even better, learn everything you can about bees and beekeeping, then decide.
    What exactly are you saying here?

    I don't keep bees, but my first thought was pretty cool except the plastic combs don't seem all.

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