So I am starting nursing school in the fall at Clinton Community College and I will be commuting from Williston, VT. It’s about 90 minutes each way and about 20 bucks round trip for the ferry. I have class 3 days a week and figure it would be easier and hopefully cheaper to stay near Plattsburgh for a couple days a week. I have a 5th wheel camper I would like to plant near Plattsburgh and stay in a couple nights a week. I am not looking for anything fancy, just a field, driveway, etc. Just someplace quiet to sleep and study. I would be happy to trade, reasonable rent, labor, beer, etc. Right now this would just be for fall semester Sept-Dec and see how it goes. I have a nice winter sleeping bag so cold shouldn’t be an issue. I plan to spend most of my time on campus and just head there to sleep. I am not looking to party or drink. If we could work out an electrical hookup (120 would do) that would be great and I would be fine with no power. I would be happy to meet and discuss specifics if anyone has land in the area and would be open to helping me out. If it helps my credibility I’ve been patrolling at Smuggs for almost 10 years. Unless you’ve been caught poaching on a powder day in which case disregard that last bit.