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    2016 Big Timber Creek Race

    The Big Timber Creek Race is on!

    June 18th, 2016 - High noon

    Two categories - Top of Pinch to first bridge
    Bottom of Pinch to first bridge

    There will be camping available at Half Moon Campground on a first come/first serve basis (you can be guaranteed some room if you arrange with me ahead of time).

    Race is from noon to 3pm.

    Cost for racing is whatever the ACA insurance is asking. (Ususally $5-10 tops)

    Top prize is a refurbished double headed kick ass ax from way back in the day (Pre 1950, tempered steel) with a new custom handle and sheath provided by Montana Ax. Trust me that this is an Ax worth gamblin' for. It even comes with a decoy Ax, so your idiot friends have something to chop rocks and dirt with while your Sweet stays sheathed and out of sight til you need it...

    Everything else that may be around will be absolutely free of charge. Camping, after race refreshments, some good grub, winks, nods and such… If you'd like to know more, wish to volunteer for safety or secure a spot to race (we are racing 52 max, currently have 10 racers), please give me a call or text at


    Hope to see some of you there. It is an absolute blast to run that section without stopping. Safety is bomber and you will remember your race lap for a long, long time. Sitting in the eddy above the Pinch, with the five second countdown rolling, knowing full well you'll be dropping about 350 feet per minute (that's right, per minute, not per mile - It's 720 fpm gradient) is a unique position to find yourself in…

    Racers need to be SOLID class V paddlers for Pinch to Bridge. Racers will need to have a lap or two in on the run prior to racing or previous laps on the section to be raced. We will be up there all day Friday rocking the course and will have some safety set ups for Friday eve, as well...

    All in?

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    Inner tubes and cut off jeans ok?

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    G Falls

    This is what always goes through my head when I hear think about The Pinch

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    Wow! Way, way beyond my ability, but I'd love to watch. Not sure I can make it this year due to other plans. Looking forward to the event report, and any video that might come from it.

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