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    What's with all these license plate usernames?

    Dunfee? How am I supposed to remember who has been jonged?

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    crown of the continent
    at one point it was folks signing up thru facebrag, but not sure....
    Something about the wrinkle in your forehead tells me there's a fit about to get thrown
    And I never hear a single word you say when you tell me not to have my fun
    It's the same old shit that I ain't gonna take off anyone.
    and I never had a shortage of people tryin' to warn me about the dangers I pose to myself.

    Patterson Hood of the DBT's

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    This must be the thread to bump for jongbots?

    They all have websites listed in their profiles, even if they post 3 stupid things and then disappear without even editing their posts to spam.

    Suggestion: make it so you can't add a website to your username unless you get permission, joined before 2018, have posted tits, been mentioned in the "props to" thread or someone with 100+ posts has quoted you at least twice. Or something. Posting a website is an irresistible bot lure is what I'm saying.

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