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My bike as built now is to pedal up and mob down. probably over 35 lb santa cruz megatower. A bike that I only liked until I finally got it up to speed.. then it came alive and I was like... oh.

My crash likely looked like this (I'm obviously not this good).
Looks like that pile of grass and sticks cushioned it just enough. Hopefully thats something in common with your crash. After an early season shoulder/collarbone injury im just trying to do lots of safe runs. Pounding mileage/vert and feeling comfy in the center of the bike. Still nothing special but i feel like im in my personal flow zone and picking off different lines slowly over time. Its a confidence game because i cant be crashing and im happy that im now seeing little advancements on my first warm up lap through the park. Not reaching for anything , just letting it come to me.
I keep dreaming of 2 sections through a new trail at the park. One is a series of berms that im building up to trying to transfer into them and transfer out. I may never get it but i cleaned out the backsides of the end of 2 berms so i can just air off the end of the berms and maybe gradually after 100 tries ill be transfering into the 3rd one and transfering out of the final berm. Just working on lining it up and inching longer and longer/baby steps. Doesnt look like anyone has it yet but the kids will beat me to it, im sure
Another is a cool section the trail crew did a great job on. It as a few nice warm up tables that are kind of hippy transfers to get the flow leading into a fair size hip that reminds me of the new dirt merchant hip only a bit smaller and hip to the right rather than left. Get it fairly long and it sets you up for the exit berm perfectly and that resulting speed carries you through a couple more little things before a fair size step up. First lap through yesterday i finally floated over the step up without tapping the rear tire across the top.Cant touch the brakes and it took me a few laps to get to that. Now im dreaming of a big ol bubba scrub with a bar drag across the top of the step up(*dreaming). Now that might take a lap or 3....... thousand. Or maybe never but its just a good feeling flowing through and not being scared. Keeping myself in check is easier when i can find and stay in my zone/sorry long winded it was yesterday

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