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    FS: Climbing Guidebooks

    50-plus rock climbing guidebooks for sale. Mostly new condition unless noted otherwise. Obviously some of the info will be dated, but there are some minor classics here. The books are left over from a previous occupation as a guidebook editor, and I’d like to keep them in circulation rather than just toss them. Will post in the Rock Climbing forum too.

    Any two for $25. Price includes shipping.


    Best of Boulder Climbs (Richard Rossiter, 1996)
    Rock Climbing the Flatirons (Richard Rossiter, 1999)
    Rock Climbing Rocky Mountain National Park: The Crag Areas (Richard Rossiter, 1996)
    Rock Climbing Eldorado Canyon (Richard Rossiter, 2000)
    Rock Climbing Boulder Canyon (Richard Rossiter, 1999)
    Best of Boulder Bouldering (Bob Horan, 2000)
    Colorado Front Range Bouldering Vol. 1: Fort Collins Area (Bob Horan, 1995)
    Colorado Front Range Bouldering Vol. 3: Southern Areas (Bob Horan, 1995)
    Shelf Road Rock Guide (Mark Van Horn, 1990. A little worn.)
    Rock Climbing Shelf Road 2nd edition (Mark Van Horn, 1999)
    Rock Climbing the San Luis Valley (Bob D’Antonio, 1999)
    Bite the Bullet: Guide to Rifle (Dave Pegg, 1997)
    Climber’s Guide to Rifle (Hassan Saab, 1995)
    The Devil Made Me Do It! Climber’s Guide to Devil’s Head (Tod Anderson, 1998)
    Climbing Colorado’s San Juan Mountains (Robert F. Rosebrough, 1999)
    Classic Rock Climbs 03: Mueller State Park and Elevenmile Canyon (Bob D’Antonio, 1996)
    Classic Rock Climbs 02: Upper Dream Canyon (Richard Rossiter, 1997)
    Classic Rock Climbs 04: Garden of the Gods (Bob D’Antonio, 1996)
    Classic Rock Climbs 04: Garden of the Gods 2nd edition (Bob D’Antonio, 2000)
    Classic Rock Climbs 17: Golden Cliffs (Peter Hubbel, 1997)
    Classic Rock Climbs 23: Lyons Area (Peter Hubbell, 1999)


    Rock Climbing Joshua Tree (Randy Vogel, 1992)
    Joshua Tree Supplement (a little worn; Randy Vogel, 1989)
    Joshua Tree Sport Climbing (Randy Vogel, 1995)
    Yosemite Free Climbs (Don Reid and George Myers, 1998)
    Southern Yosemite Rock Climbs (Mark and Shirley Spencer, 1988)
    Rock Climbing Tuolumne Meadows (Don Reid and Chris Falkenstein, 1992)
    Sierra Classics: 100 Best Climbs in the High Sierra (John Moynier and Claude Fiddler, 1993)
    Santa Barbara Bouldering (Steve Edwards, 1997)
    Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and Ventura (Steve Edwards, 2000)
    Southern California Sport Climbing: The Guide (Troy Mayr and Anthony Sweeney, 1995)
    Southern California Bouldering Guide 2nd edition (Craig Fry, 1995)
    SoCal Select: Southwest Rock Climbing (Randy Vogel)
    Climber’s Guide to Pinnacles National Monument (David Rubine, 2002)
    Mountain Biking Orange County (Randy Vogel and Larry Kuechlin, 1996)
    Classic Rock Climbs 10: Bishop and Mammoth Areas (Randy Vogel, 1997)
    Classic Rock Climbs 18: Castle Crags (Laird Davis, 1997)


    Maple Canyon Rock Climbing 2nd edition (Jason Stevens, 1997)
    Rock Climbing Utah’s Wasatch Range (Stuart and Bret Ruckman, 1998)
    Climber’s Guide to American Fork Canyon (Stuart and Bret Ruckman, 1995)


    City of Rocks: A Climber’s Guide (Dave Bingham, 1991)
    Classic Rock Climbs 15: City of Rocks (Laird Davis, 1997)


    Free Climbs of Devils Tower (“Dingus McGee and the Last Pioneer Woman”, 1996)
    The Legendary Wild Iris (Paul Piana, 1995)
    Teton Classics: 50 Selected Climbs (Richard Rossiter, 1994)
    Climbing Guide to Vedauwoo (Layne Kopischka, 1997)


    Rock Climbing Arizona (Stewart Green, 1999)
    Phoenix Rock II (Greg Opland, 1996)


    Classic Rock Climbs 28: Red Rocks (Todd Swain, 2001)


    Classic Rock Climbs 06: Hueco Tanks State Park (John Sherman, 1997)

    South Dakota

    Mount Rushmore National Memorial Climber’s Guide (Vernon Phinney, 1995)


    Adventure Guide to Mount Rainier: Hiking, Climbing and Skiing (Jeff Smoot, 1991)


    Barnyard Boogie: Climber’s Guide to Barn Bluff (Nate Postma, 1990; a little worn)

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    Bump. Some good guidebooks still available. Updated list here:

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