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Thread: Austin, TX?

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    Austin, TX?

    I'll be there for a week in May for a work thing and to eat bbq. I'll have evenings free and probably a full day or 2. Some googling looks like there's plenty of options. Smallies close by, redfish a few hours drive away, even some trout fishing. Anyone fished around there and have some first hand info?

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    My dad goes fishing for reds, trout and flounder around Seadrift and Port Lavaca, usually with friend's that have a boat, or a guy he knows that is a guide. The Greune area, between Austin and San Antonio, can be nice for trout and bass.

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    late reply, hopefully not too late. Haven't been on this forum in a while

    The rivers around austin are beautiful, but often best fished with some sort of boat. there are a few places around that rent kayaks, see if you can demo one of the fishing oriented models. If you want to drop the coin on a guide, everyone seems to recommend but I have not personally fished with him. In general, water levels have been up across the state teh last few months so be sure to research that a little before going. Lots of tubing companies that will know about river levels if you have trouble finding local fishermen with river knowledge.

    I really like the san marcos. largemouth/smallmouth/guadalupe bass, rios, sunfish. float from spencers canoes in Martindale to staples. I don't know if that's the best fishing stretch but it is beautiful. Spencers runs shuttles and rents boats but I don't know what they rent. You can also camp there and they are nice folks.

    They stock trout in the guadalupe in winter and then they die when it gets too hot. Should still be some there. FYI, that river gets hammered by tubers. If you're there in the next week, probably OK. As schools start finishing it will get crowded fast, but hey, half naked drunk coeds so there's that. Access can be tough on that river. When i've waded it I usually find a tubing company and pay them $5 or so to let me park and start walking from their place.

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