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    Bighorn Mountains , anyone?

    Can find next to nothing about this range west of Buffalo and Sheridan other than that it has two small ski areas occupying what looks like pretty boring terrain. A lot of the mountains look pretty enough, but it seems like the really nice ones are a ways from anything. What's the availability of day-touring from either of the two highways right now?

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    I live in Sheridan. The Bighorns have had a very lean snow year, to date. We generally get a decent March and April snow total. The two highways, 16 to the south and 14 to the north are kept well plowed and maintained in the winter. That being said, you will be somewhat limited to access any decent vertical from them. Your best bet would be hooking up with a snow machiner at Bear Lodge on 14 or Deer Haven on 16 to hump you into the back country and give you some laps on a nice face with a northeast exposure. Be warned that the snow is pretty unstable this year, and last week a sled and rider were caught in an avalanche. In regard to the two ski areas, only Meadowlark is operating. It's only around 600 vertical feet. Antelope Butte, on 14, is trying to reopen, but that is a ways off. It does hold snow well and is about 1200 vertical feet. Here is a link to a topo map that may help. Hope this helps!

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    Maybe the Johnston family (think coca-cola) will give you a ride in their helicopter, otherwise it's a haul back into the Big Horns. Don King days are a fun time
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