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    Appreciate the really is a 50/50 argument. Iím not into spring touring due to mountain biking and resort skiing so that takes that out of the equation. Again, Iíve been on different versions of BGs since 2010 so you know Iím a huge fan of that ski. Even talking to my guiding friends opinions are evenly mixed but for the vast majority of tours Iíll be seeking out soft conditions.

    One concern I have with a narrower BG is having an even narrower pintail and losing a bit of support in the rear on landings (just have to be more focused on being centred/forward). Yes I could go to a WoodsmanTour to alleviate that but I want to maintain the looseness/surfiness of the BG. So I suppose the question many Interior BC guys would consider 108ish over 116ish?

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    Hmmm, yíall are making me rethink if I should switch from bg 108t to the 116mm BG Tour as a 1 ski backcountry quiver for Colorado...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASmileyFace View Post
    Is pow the only thing ya'll ever ski in Canada lol?

    For a do it all touring ski, no matter the location, I would go with the 108 over the 116. The BG RES shape punches well above its weight in soft snow. I'm sure the 108 will perform excellently in anything but the deepest days, which is a fine trade off for better handling of the thousands of other conditions you'll likely face in the backcountry.
    Yes, if I go touring, it's going to be pow. Otherwise why would you bother? Maybe I'll tour a few days in the spring on some corn, but aside from the odd inversion, it is never not pow in the backcountry from December to the end of April in my neck of the woods.

    Given how good the BG116 is in 2”+ of soft, I couldn't imagine wanting to go narrower for anything I would ever choose to ride.

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    So I suppose the question many Interior BC guys would consider 108ish over 116ish?
    Interior BC guy here - GO 116!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tailwind View Post
    Lighter 30-1 storms are super tiring on 108mm skis...
    My sympathy for your efforts is overflowing...

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