I've spent about 30-40 days on this ski and am really impressed with its all mountain versatility.

The Ski:

Sizes = 194cm, 186cm, 176cm, 166cm

Turn Radius = 15m @ 186cm

Dimensions = 130-139-116-135-126 @ 186cm, 176cm, 166cm

Dimensions = 133-142-119-138-129 @ 194cm

Flex = 8

Tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot

Screenprinted TPU Topsheets

Poplar Core

1.6mm, Sintered, Die-Cut Bases

2.2mm, Full Edge Wrap

Cap Construction in the Tip/Tail for added durability, sandwich construction underfoot for improved performance.

Full length Carbon Stringers

Additional Carbon Reinforcements in Tip/Tail for Pop and Durability.

Switch Up Bases Bases randomly available in black (with white text) or white (with black text).

The Skier:
Pro Patroller

Bindings: Look Pivot 14 Mountain -3cm from the dead center line. I believe Revision recommends -4.

Conditions &
All conditions, All terrain. Teton Pow, SW MT Variable, Wind Buff, Shitfuck, Spring corn...whatever else. I use this ski for patrolling and free skiing. I ski steep technical terrain every day, new snow hazard mitigation, and I also ski park.

My intentions for this ski were to fill an all mountain, every day fun ski for my quiver. I have a go fast point it ski, and I have a park ski, I wanted something that I can ski pow with in the morning, and then take park laps on the way back down, but that I could also use as a practical ski for patrolling.

The first thing that attracted me to this ski was the full length carbon stringers and carbon reinforcements. The ski is stiff underfoot, and requires the skier to ski the ski. It's not a noodle by any means, but playful, poppy, and surprisingly capable skiing technical lines, despite having a lot of tail. It's stiffness inspires confident landings on fat to flat drops.

A 15 m turning radius had me skeptical as well. But it's been fun and incredibly responsive on groomers, I have great edge control and confidence on shitty exposed slide for life faces that I am confronted with daily. The tight radius performs really well carving up jumps, you get a lot of edge when setting spins, and tons of pop out of the camber. I did de tune the contact points slightly to get rid of some hooky-ness.

The ski will lock into a turn, but still gives the skier the ability to smear out of an edged in turn, and then it locks in again easily. One of my favorite features of this ski.

In pow the ski is still a lot of fun, but it might take a second to remember how to ski pow with a stiff cambered ski. Camber and the 5 point side cut allows the skier to drive through deep snow well, and make quick transfers edge to edge. Again, you have to stay over the ski or it will throw you into the back seat. You have to be aggressive with this one and trust that the tips are going to be there for you when you drive them.

Because it is somewhat stiff, the skis maneuverability and playfulness make up for it being a twin tip in chop and crud. If you can ski with some fitness through chopped up terrain you can use the skis playfulness to your advantage. It doesn't blast through crud without any f**ks given. That is lazy skiing anyway, again you have to stay over the top of the ski, and ski the terrain in front of you, or it will ski you instead.

Construction: I am blown away by how well this ski has stood up to SW MT shale. I walk on and ski over rocks many many times every day. After 30 or so days on these I can't believe they aren't blown apart, but I literally haven't even gotten any core shots yet...which if you've skied SW MT you know that core shots are part of skiing here. Especially ski patrolling. Again, construction is bomber, mind blown.

Overall the ski is fun, playful, it's not a noodle, it demands respect from the skier. Fun in all conditions, great in new snow , variable conditions and awesome on jumps and rails.

Hope this is insightful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also this ski is really affordable. If you're in the market for an all mountain twin tip powder park ski, it's worth looking at the Subtraction.

Here is a link to the Revision website: https://revisionskis.com/product/sub...p-powder-skis/