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    Christmas vacation 2015

    The gf and I were fortunate enough to be able to hook up with a group who had booked the Asulkan hut between Christmas and New Years (Dec27-30) - we had stellar weather/vis and fantastic stability. Couldn't have asked for better timing. Managed to summit Young's Peak after being turned back two year prior after climbing the headwall but getting whited out above that. I won't bore you with captions for each picture, I'll just let my mediocre photography and the stunning scenery tell the tale.

    We then made our way to Canmore - got a day in at Sunshine and hit up the Parkway the next. It was cold, but we found cold smoke, so it was worth it.

    After that, it was back to the Island, where the snow continues to fall and hopefully I am able to provide more photos in the future.
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