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    Quote Originally Posted by 5Beder View Post
    I bought the pair Bandit Man ^^^ unloaded. I have a large quiver of Blizzards and others, and the Cochise is my soft snow ski of choice more often than not. I skied it in Las Lenas this year in variable conditions. Cat skiing off the back side we had powder, breakable crust, and corn in the same day. I never wished I was on a different ski.
    I'm mounted about 4 or 5 mm back of recommended because it was drilled for a smaller boot. I got a new pair this summer at the blowout price and will mount them back the same way. The top sheets chip like crazy though.
    They just crush if you're a solid balanced skier. Simple as that. Get lazy and you pay, not as much as the old dynastar legend or XXL, but they'll remind you quick your form is lacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skibrd View Post
    How bad is bad? I picked up a pair of the black/orange shop Cochise to be my side country skis. Whatís so bad about them in powder? Are they so bad Iíll go back to carrying fatter skis when they arenít needed?
    YMMV but I don't grab the Cochise when it has just snowed, I will grab the Lotus 120, my bro will probably grab his Josh Bibby pro's or the Deathwish

    I will grab the Cochise a few days later when things are cut up cuz what makes them good for railing bigger turns in variable conditions makes em not so good for new pow, I bought them off a former racer ski coach, they are a good ski for what they are good at

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    Bump. Love my 2017 Cochise in a 185(?). Skied really well at Alta this weekend, heavy cream cheese on Friday. Fairly light today, but only 10 inches deep today with crowds cutting it all up really quickly.

    Curious if anyone else has thoughts about the 188 Rustler 11s? Hard to find reviews of this ski that aren't the Blister review.

    Looking for something that is still fairly directional but spins 3's and pops/slashes easier than the Cochise while being a more "traditional" ski like the Cochise. Still keeping the Cochise, but looking for something to ski when I'm in a more playful mood.

    For reference, I've skied the OG 186 4FRNT Renegades as my pow ski since 2012. I like that they can be a bit playful but still charge hard, but those seem to reward a more upright and playful stance. Thinking the Rustler 11s would be a more playful alternative that still rewards a traditional forward leaning technique?
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    Bump for the newer version of the Cochise (with carbon tips and tail). It is phenomenal. I skied the OG's for a couple years and go tired of their lifelessness. I've been skiing a pair of the newer version a bunch lately in all sorts of conditions. I love them. Much more responsive than the old ones and they give up next to nothing in terms of dampness and stability. No need to bring your A-game if you're a decent skier. Legit one ski quiver for people who know how to stay out of the back seat. I have no idea why you'd want to ski QST's when you can get a pair of these pretty cheap.

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    Anybody want to sell me their 185ís?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidog View Post
    which model year are you particularly hoarding?
    Red/Blue ones.

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