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    TR: Sedona Thanksgiving

    Sedona Thanksgiving

    Traveling on baby time(3 month old) the 7 hour drive turned into 10. So got into town later than had hoped, but still got a short ride in on the Big Park loops located near the hotel.

    Good to be on red dirt:

    Epic sunset:

    Then it got really dark, good thing I packed the light:

    Day 1. Andy was only riding one day, so we planned the Highline-Hogs Loop.


    Dropping down to Templeton:

    Forgot how fun Templeton is, but also forgot about the up:

    On the way to the Hogs area:

    Pigtail has some fun berms and jumps:

    Llama back to Bell bypass to the hotel has some nice views:

    Day 2. Solo riding a West Sedona loop that included some stuff I had done in the past and a few new to me trails.

    View from highpoint prior to dropping down to Girdner:

    Girdner had some bad reviews, but seemed nice to me, maybe due to some recent reroutes.



    Canyon of fools is really fun and has some cool features, including a ditch:

    The Cockscomb from Western civilization:

    Last Frontier is really fun, starts out in a wash:

    Then up on the canyon wall:

    Up Drano(with a long pause to contemplate doing L-n-A) and back to the truck:

    Day 3. Did 3 hikes with wife and child. I wanted to check out some of the stuff in Wilderness.

    Devils Bridge:

    Fay Arch:

    Sunset on Doe Mountain:


    Day 4. Wanted to get a ride in prior to the drive home. Ended up doing some loops and out-back on trails in the Soldier Wash trails. Was thinking Hangover, but it was 32 degrees in the morning and I figured S.W. would be warmer and less risky solo riding, plus I had only been on one of the Soldier Wash trails in the past.

    View from the start on Adobe Jack did not disappoint:

    Near the Soldier's Pass Trailhead:

    A big sinkhole, the large block fell in the 1980's:

    7 pools:

    Pano from Ant Hill:

    Fast fun trails and some bonus cool geology. Crusty was a rather challenging uphill back to the truck, but nice change from all the flow .

    On the road by noon and the managed to coordinate baby stops with gas/food, so did the drive home in 8 hours.

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    Nice TR! Maybe just the push I need to organize a mid-winter trip over there. Been there with an infant myself (missus and I stayed in the apartment above Bike&Bean) and the drive is a lot easier now. Thx!

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