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    !!!SALE - avalung pack, shovel, 3L jackets, pants, goggles, mitts... etc

    I'm not on TGR too often, email me if interested in anything! -
    Will trade stuff for a pair of newish goggles with a clear lens.
    shipping is NOT included, I'll ship anywhere at buyers expense
    please don't lowball me
    I'll do local pickup too, located in Seattle, WA

    FEELER: CLWR Falk Jacket - XL - $200 - msrp $329
    barely worn, 3l 20k/20k, 37" zipper, don't need 4 ski coats...
    product info

    BD deploy shovel - $30 - some scratches, works great

    Dragon Rogue - $20
    lens is pretty scratched, but the frame/foam are in good shape.

    Pow Stealth Mitts - $15
    pretty beat, still have some life left in them. there was a hole in the thumb (taped up) has another hole on the same mitt, over the middle finger.

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    Sent email on NF jacket

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