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    18 days post op and finally got ice on it. Ahhhhhhh so nice
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    With the Kevin Durant achilles rupture in his first game back following a month out with a calf strain I'm thinking about my history with achilles tendonitis. I have had it since 2010 when I ran my first and only ultramarathon. I had torn my peroneal tendon months before and didn't know it. Kept training and this led to achilles tendonitis at the insert point that really hit the day of the ultra. I am an idiot and pushed through to finish 50k in a lot of pain. Then I didn't run again for 2 years. The rest did help a lot and skiing was never a problem. But going back to running now always leads to an injury. I think I favor that right leg and that just causes other problems, including sciatica and severe hip pain. Last fall it got so bad I feel like I really should not run at all anymore. I ran for over 50 years and should be satisfied with that but it is an addiction. Watching KD go down has me telling myself that it just isn't worth it to try to do the things that caused it in the first place. I can ski fine and that is the most important thing for me. My running days finally seem to be over for good. But I don't like to say that and it is possible that I will decide to try it again. Please stop me.

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    Achilles Tendonitis at the Insertion to the Heel

    I quit running for different reasons, (lack of cartilage), but the doc said to me: “What do you really like to do?”, and I said “Ski” and he said “Well, let’s keep you skiing.” I really miss it, especially when I’m on the road for work and I can’t just go for a run, but, c’est la vie.
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    Have you tried speed walking? just remember to adhere strictly to the regulations of the international speedwalking association....

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    I hear you about the long,slow death of being able to do what you love. I venture to guess that i am one "up hill / push off toes" trail run away from it going. I have found some relief in biking as it really stretches out my Achilles and calf muscle- i just slide my foot further on my pedal if it is too painful at the start. Not sure about you guys, but crocs and chacos have been a life saver during the summer months. Looking at transitioning from running 4-5 days a week to 2-3 and supplement with biking

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