The wife and I were very fortunate to be invited to her dads club near Doaktown NB on the Mirimachi River.

LOTS or rain the week before the trip almost made the members cancel for the week with many pools unfishable.

Day 2 with her up river from me and her old man in the canoe up ahead of her. Foggy and cold

A nice grilse on day 1, we fished starting at 330. I limited out in the first 2 hours of fishing(4 fish, all grilse). Luckily it was at home pool just in front of the club. I went up for a beverage and left the rest of them to fish late

15lb Atlantic salmon on the morning of day 2

Since there was so much water the guides we able to head to a nearby secret river and pole us down 30 miles. Cold, but we just layerd up like the winter folks we are.

1 guide, 1 canoe, 1 pole 1 masshole

cruising the river looking at trees

We would stop at known pools every couple miles and cast for a bit

We stopped for lunch and shed a few layers. Very happy to be home from work and STILL FISHING, yay wife!

25lb board fish.