Does anyone else feel like bullfighting is stuck in a rut? As evidenced by the lack of participation in this forum. Some blame the strict judging criteria that they say stifles creativity. Other blame the overly litigious society we live in, and in turn the closed boundary bullfighting rings that prohibit and even criminalize Bullfighting out of bounds.

On the other hand, Snowbulling seems like a breath of fresh air to the sport. The skate inspired sideways stance of the snowbuller seems to lend itself to more stylish tandas although it does create a blindspot that can be hazardous to other fighters. At first they were more of a sideshow attraction than anything else but their numbers in the ring seem to be steadily increasing.

Is there really something to this movement? Or is it just another fad that will go the way of bullblades, the raxbull, or rollerbulling?