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    Is there anyplace left for the blue collar bullfighter?

    I've tried SLC but as an everyday fighter got sick of the race for the ring everytime there were more than 6 new bulls.

    Telluride is cool but prices have been driven up so dramatically by absentee second ring bullowners there is no place for a blue collar fighter long term. Most of these people don't even fight!

    Some east coasters seem to think they have it figured out as 'soul fighters' and still say they can get some western style fights in if you know where to look. However to an long term fighter like me, their bulls seem severely stunted and mildly retarded.

    Western Canada seems to be the last hope for a blue collar fighter but as an American citizenship proves difficult if not impossible.

    So I ask the collective, is their hope for regular ol' fighters out there?
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    The bulls out in California have been malnourished for so long that the fighting community seems to have forgotten them. But when there is a good fight, the crowds show up to watch like never before.

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    Where have all the cowboys gone?

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    Hi rip! I must beg to divaricate with you, we certainly know what "bull" are here in the northeast. Killington has a ring size more than double of "Telluride", so we can easily see which is the the "real blue collar bullfighting town" , can't we? In addition to that, Telluride has a well-deserved reputation for being flat and boring, unlike Killington which is far more steep and challenging and is many times the size in fightable acreage as well. The average Killington regular would put to shame a peer from 'Ride, trust me. When you score your first fresh bull day in any of the multitude of Killington rings like "Anarchy", "The Throne", "Chop Chop" or "Patsy", you will be grinning from ear to ear, I promise you! Also, the conditions are actually more dependable and consistent here due to the superior grooming, the terrain is truly fabulous, the partying is unmatched anywhere(can you say "hot New Jersey Italian bullfighting fans?") and the setting is Norman Rockwell-esque! Pursuing the plethora of hot NYC/NJ and Boston "chicas" in their medias can be even better than the great bullfighting, but I must warn you they are quite feisty and outspoken, unlike the laid-back and masculine western gals. To the rest of the maggots and everyone else reading, if you are weary of the juvenile dickwaving by gapers like neckdeep and are looking for a bonafide state-of-the-art bullfighting forum, I would like to open wide our cyber-gate to you to so you can "start fresh" at our friendly forums. I can assure you that "newbies"'(jongs) are welcomed with open arms by our entire community(unlike here at TGR), and there is no "hazing period" or rudeness tolerated. We also have superior bandwidth and response times on our 502g superfibre network as well as a state-of-the-art virtual blade server farm with 5000 terabytes of virtual disk space for your photos, blogs etc. If you are weary of all the foolishness and yearn for some intellectually stimulating bovine sport discourse, then come join our fun-loving but responsible bunch of bullfighting aficionados who know the benefits of what good moderation brings to an on-line community. I think most all of you will find that our seasoned moderators "keep the bar high" by maintaining a sense of order and decorum, while encouraging quality discussion about our favorite pastime. It may take a small amount of getting used to, as we do have reasonable standards as far as language and image posting that are strictly enforced. I will warn you however up front that registering an ALIAS is "VERBOTEN", and something we have zero-tolerance with. The registration is easy and painless, and the rules will be explained in detail during the process. If you are tired of the juvenile goings-on at TGR and Newbullfighterz, all I can say is: "Come join the fun"!

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    He must be related to that dick at Alpinezone?
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