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    Maggot Crowdfunding to Buy La Maestranza

    Given that mountain climbing, motoracing, and bullfighting are the only true sports (all others being mere games), I propose that the Maggot Collective collectively, say, "Fuck this shit," and band together to buy the historic La Maestranza bullfighting arena in Seville. It's not for sale, as far as I know, but I am sure that our collective powers could make the owners an offer they can't refuse. Let us all take turns as matador and earn much-coveted respect from Senior Hemingway.
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    I realize there is not much hope for a bullfighting forum. I understand that most of you would prefer to discuss the ingredients of jacket fabrics than the ingredients of a brave man. I know nothing of the former. But the latter is made of courage, and skill, and grace in the presence of the possibility of death. If someone could make a jacket of those three things it would no doubt be the most popular and prized item in all of your closets.

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    Proud to be posting in the new Bullfighting forum. Thanks TGR !
    "Zee damn fat skis are ruining zee piste !" -Oscar Schevlin

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    I don't know. This could distract maggots from funding our own mountain-biking mining site in Idaho.

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