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    Summer Ski Big Line Hunting, Terrace B.C.

    Another big line that required patience awaiting the stars to align. We've been lookin' at this lil puppy for close to a decade. Frequently unskiable in the stable spring/summer snow due to rockfall, climax avalanches to ground cleaning out the chute, hard snow suncups, exposed ice layers and eternal cornice overhang preventing entry and safe skiing. This year, the snow was clean, it was soft, it didn't avalanche away, there was minimal rock on snow surface issue and Brad was ready to giv'er. It felt quite serious; rolls up to 55 degrees, big runnels to negotiate and pretty consequential exposure in terms of slide for life into rocks and over cliff band potential. Kept things nice and tight and it turned out juuuuuust right.

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    Nicely done. I felt as if I was there with you.

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    heart in terrace, ass in cowtown
    Wicked line Guido! Finally got a chance to watch the vid, nice sound track - Vivian, I and Tomba were dancing
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    Love the vid! pumped me up.

    Also love the skis! I have the same ones!! I'm down in Nelson

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