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    Beehive Basin , MT climb and ski - 4/18/15

    After traveling back to the USA from a winter spent in Japan, I was itching to shred some good old American spring corn.

    My destination was Beehive Basin, Montana.

    The problem?

    I kept hearing how bad the winter was, and I felt doubtful that accessible routes were still skiing well.

    Would I find snow in the backcountry? Did a horrific drought scar the landscape much like the dried cooch of your 8th grade history teacher?

    My longtime friend Dan Wussow shredding the 4th of July Couloir on Beehive Peak.

    We're both from rural Minnesota, and rep the Midwest whenever possible.

    The runout from the couloir was roller ball city, and Dan handled it much better than I did.

    You can easily see the wet slides in the area, a definite concern we had during the trip. However, good terrain selection and ski times minimized the risk.

    Here's a view close to the 10,742 foot summit.

    These local climbers on the approach were way more prepared than we were, using ice axes and crampons.

    However, without ropes and with questionable safety skills, our climb stopped when we hit steep rock with considerable exposure.


    Here's the view north from Beehive Peak, including some huge lines I'd love to explore.

    I last skied with Dan 10 years ago in Jackson Hole!

    He's still got it.

    The trek into the cirque was four miles and took about two hours each way.

    Yours truly making some turns in the bowl section of the terrain.

    I found a spring corn pone festival here!

    Another nice shot north from Beehive Peak. Below (out of frame) is a chute called The Hanging Gardens, where a long time skier and beloved Bozeman local lost his life the week before.

    I felt both sad and amazed while gazing into these giant mountains.

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    Nice TR, because of its proximity to bazillion dollar homes and the Biggest Skiing in America I don't think the area gets the respect it deserves. A really beautiful place with some excellent terrain. Well done.

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    I also really wanted to vist Beehive Peak and you have taken very nice shot north from Beehive Peak...!!!!

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