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Thread: FORCE Full Film

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    FORCE Full Film

    Patagonia just dropped this full film, "Mikey Schaefer and Force," about 10 years of climbing in Patagonia. Thought you rock mags would enjoy it:

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    Wood vs. Plastic for max hangs on small-ish holds

    In the fall I was following a more-or-less self designed max hang routine with added weight on an 18mm wood edge. I got to a point around 60% of bodyweight where I felt my shoulders were my limiting factor rather than my fingers. Yes, I know I have weak shoulders and am addressing that separately.
    Because of this, I'm trying now to hang on a much smaller edge with less added weight. Additionally, most of my upcoming goal routes feature small holds on not-too-steep of rock, so I feel this change is appropriate. I just started doing max hangs with added weight (about 25%) on the Beastmaker 10mm micro. But I am finding that with an edge this size there are drastically different results between this smooth wood edge and the grippy 10mm plastic edge on the Transgression hangboard. I can hang nearly twice as long on the transgression board with similar weight added. Or, I can add more weight.
    I go back and forth about which one is more effective. Neither one feels particularly unsafe or tweaky with my current routine, just providing different experiences. Curious if anyone has had a similar conundrum, and which material edge you chose to train on, and why. For reference, I have about 10 years climbing history and have redpointed up to 8b+, with upcoming goals in a similar grade range.

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