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    Remember that one time, when it snowed in Tahoe

    this is about half the pics and words, and not necessarily all the best. for more -

    it's no secret that tahoe has been hurting for snow this year. as the year started we had promises of storms of the century that yielded nothing more than 'much needed wind'. our best storms became the inside slider, which in most years simply ushers in colder air. when one of these moves west enough to grab a little moisture off the pacific they can bring some decent cold snows, and with little wind. as one approached at the end of february things got more and more promising as it neared. there was a forecast of up to 6-12" (tiny by normal tahoe standards) with a possibility of twice that wherever the deformation axis set up.
    so on friday morning we were a bit disappointed to find that kirkwood had only received around 7" while the north shore resorts received up to 17". even so, we skinned up dangberg to get a few quick laps in with the pups while kirkwood's finest did their patrol work.
    febuly 28th. the pups could care less about no defamation ackses. they just like the snow (and each other obviously).

    hutchski, nacho, and stoke nearing the top. no more pics from today cause it started dumping again

    watching the snow fall during the day and the radars echo away at night we decided to dawn patrol the next day. hutchski had never been on one (doubt she's ever seen a sunrise) so we were stoked. we opted to leave the dogs behind since they make it hard to take pics when it's just us.
    marchtember 1st. sunrise was pegged for 6:34 and we made to the top of our line above red lake exactly then. the sun, however, was nowhere to be seen.

    even in big years this is a pillowy zone.

    these are fun, but i want my real pillow. waaaah.


    and dreams

    the next day we hooked up with the frush and headed back to the carson pass skinning resort. having a third person makes it easy(er) to corral the dogs while taking pics.
    marchtember 2nd. nacho. deep thoughts

    the frush

    on our second lap we were going to to hit something similar to our first but this ramp with a bit of southeast to it is so rarely light and fluffy we decided to get it while the sun was out. of course as soon as we started the sun disappeared

    my bros and my bros

    i took us a little lower to a what is normally an awesome zone to get deep pow pics backlit by the sun. it was a tad rocky still.

    i'm still getting used to jumping. i miss it so.

    nacho vs the goat

    our next lap took us to dead tree bowl. the sun finally decided to join us. hutchski goes deep

    once again, things are awesome below the road. me and stoke, stoked.

    our last lap of the day was a bit further skiers right. the frush goes deep again

    the next day the forecast was for bluebird. we decided to tour from carson pass to kirkwood with nacho and stoke. this meant we didn't have to get too early a start since we wouldn't want to finish while the backside was still open. kirkwood and unruly pups don't mix.
    marchtember 3rd. nacho. rollin' in the deeee-eeep.

    skintrack stoke. and nacho and hutchski

    stoke's bane, the snowshoe hare. he came back so tired

    life on the edge. this is the main ski goal of the tour. the top portion was awesome although there were a few scratchy turns

    down lower we ran into the season's main problem. limited to no snow below 8k. after shooting pics hutchski was making her way across very easy terrain to the lunch log when she hit some rocks, caught her ski, and supermanned her way into a broken hand. i owed her a rescue but the situation didn't warrant it. even so i did open her beer cause i'm a gentleman and all. chivalry's not dead.

    looking back from the top of our next line

    i took a spill as well. came out of it without a pole. fortunately hutchski had an extra she didn't need.

    anybody know how to hotwire a chair?

    the day's final skin pull as the sun drops below the horizon

    on wednesday, hutchski hit the hospital where they told her she had fractured (just barely that wuss) her hand. so we took the day off. reports from wednesday included tales of very icy conditions on the west shore of emigrant lake. we decided to head around to the more north facing areas and then head back to where i lost my pole (the pov footage showed me exactly where to find it).
    marchtember 5th. solar freakin' roadways

    hutchski in sally alley. the top was decent hotpow over ice and the midsection (here) was a bit crusty. then it softened up below.

    then it got good

    back in the always shaded shark tooth. everything above this had turned to wind crusted nastiness. good to finish with sweet pow turns though

    until the next storm, wherever we find it - new and improved, with 20% more dork.

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    Bottom feeding
    Well maybe I'm the faggot America
    I'm not a part of a redneck agenda

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    super. looks like fun. nice pics.

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    Looks like an awesome couple of days. Nice pics!

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    Great TR, other then the fact I don't believe the pictures were taken in California

    I agree it is a constitutional right for Americans to be assholes...its just too bad that so many take the opportunity...

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    Nice dog stoke! the skiing wasn't too bad either!

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    smog lake shitty
    Quote Originally Posted by powdork View Post
    digging this shot. nicely composed.

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    Thanks everyone. - new and improved, with 20% more dork.

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    It's inspiring seeing you guys making the most of a bad season.

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    top o page 1 goodness
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    Looking forward to the next remember when it snowed in tahoe report, as im out of town again...

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    Great stuff...your dogs are awesome.

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    Great shots! thanks for sharing

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