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    New Legend Pro XXLs, Bro Models, and more

    While clearing out the basement quiver I found a pair of brand new 2008 (I believe) Legend Pro XXLs, along with some other gems.

    A knee injury kept me away from skiing for awhile and I thought I'd never ski again, but I finally managed to get back out there this season. All of my gear had been tossed into a room and forgotten about when we got new carpet a few years ago and I had forgotten about it until I went looking for my old skis. That's when I found these and a few other pairs of skis that might interest you maggots. Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait for pics because the skis are currently in a room attached to my step-daughters bedroom and it's too late to disturb her.

    I'm fairly certain these are all from 2008 and brand new, never mounted.

    Legend Pro XXL

    Bro Model 195

    Elan M777

    I have another listing for some like new (if not new) 916s as well.

    Call me a jong if you want to, I probably deserve it after being away for so long, but my trading history should speak for itself.
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    the gach
    How much for the 195's?
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    length on the xxls?

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