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    Dispatch, State Radio, Chad Stokes Urmston

    Two shows for Dispatch in NY this summer should be good. I'd like to hit the John Butler one, but I'm sure the Dr Dog would be good also. I've never seen Dr Dog.

    Chad was local friday and played a short set in the record shop. He is an amazing talent walking into a room with just a guitar and letting it rip. He took requests and questions and was just so humble about everything. Someone asked about his picking style and why. His reply was because he was so spacey he'd always forget a pic, so he had no choice. At another point he was forgetting his lyrics and just kept playing working thru it like a jam session with friends. Just real.

    Found out Dispatch played a wedding...only one for a friend. That might have been the highlight of the wedding

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    He's an unreal songwriter. I love all his projects but this recent solo album he released is his best work yet. Last year I had the privilege to attend one of his living room concerts. It was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. What musician sells out MSG and then plays in someone's living room?! He's a rad dude

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    New album coming for Dispatch. The pic on this vid is from a local NH photog Brian Nevins.

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    Good to hear. These guys were two years ahead of me in college. Fun seeing them in living rooms in the late 90s on campus then just a couple years later closing down Storrow Drive in Boston. Looking forward to the new release.

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    Pre-ordered album and got my tix for Red Rocks. Really looking forward to both. Heard that Skin The Rabbit song the other day and it is the goods.

    Edit: I forgot I have those 2 downloads from purchase(I was at work). Jamming it again now.

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