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    Denali in January--Avoid the Crowds

    Lonnie Dupre summited Denali solo on January 12. First person to ever solo the mountain in January, and only the second party to ever climb the mountain in January. Hat's off to this dude, he must be one frozen fella. An accomplishment every bit the equal of the Dawn Wall, IMO...but totally under the radar.!news/c1fvs

    "Only nine expeditions, totaling 16 people, have ever reached the Denali summit in winter, and six deaths occurred during those climbs. Of these previous winter expeditions, four were solo, but none was in January, the darkest and coldest time of the year on the mountain. Only a team of three Russian climbers has ever successfully summited Denali in January."

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    Andy Kirkpatrick is also planning a solo winter Denali trip.
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    took him 4 tries he must of really wanted to be cold and miserable. Short days are tough,
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