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    Thoughts on the Von Sol Shadow?

    Good deal on Whiskey right now:

    I'm thinking this could replace my 6' 2" Rusty Piranha quad that I feel is going to fall apart any day now. I'm 5'8, ~150-155, intermediate surfer.

    Hoping to find something that I can surf almost everyday in SD and random trips to Baja, but will be a step up in performance and hollow wave ability from the Piranha. Unfortunately dropping money on a performance board for the 10% of days it is necessary, AND a Piranha replacement in the next 6 months or so is probably not in the cards, but would be ideal.


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    Board looks fun, if I was going to spend the $400 I would either get a Firewire or a bunch of used potato chip boards. Tons of shortboards for sale on CL. Lately I have found buying $100 boards works for me, beat up up break up ding up and not give a f*ck.

    That being said it's been over 16 years since I have owned a "brand new" board

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