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    Awesome it worked out for you guys! Any pics? Would love to see how much of a difference a few weeks made, it was warm when we were up there. Not much in the way of englacial streams when we did it. How was the weather? Sounded decent enough if you had views of the area.

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    Wow, surprised to hear about the lack of englacial streams. Maybe we crossed in a spot different than you. Pics in progress. Weather was perfect. The only thing that looked like a cloud were the distant forest fire smoke plumes over the Cascades.

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    sweet thread gearing up to spend three weeks in Olympic National Park and this thread got me stoked!

    anyone got anymore pics?
    any other route descriptions?
    I won't have many days off but i will have a 4 day stretch off in mid september that i'd like to take advantage of and climb to the top of a peak. most likely will be solo so low class 5 rock climbs with walk offs would be great

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