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    Skilogik Rave RL compares to what?

    greetings all. I'm looking for a new daily driver. I live in Minnesota, so I want something that can handle the manmade ice we have, but will still be competent out west. Thus I am looking at things in the 90-100 underfoot category.

    Wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the Skilogik Rave RL. There are other skis I have tried in this size (the Rossi E98, and Blizzard Bonifide are also likely candidates). However I totally get wood for the pretty topsheets that skilogik has, and am all girly like that. I can't find any decent reviews of them, so I am turning to you. Not necessarily a full review just a "it kinda skis like a ____" report. Thanks!

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    I'm also in MN and though not a daily driver, I'm a race coach so race skis are my usual choice here, I'm a big fan of Surface. I have a pair of One Life from a couple years ago. Fun ski, i've used them at Bridger on a 28" day and I've run a Nastar at Spirit Mtn with them. Can't beat the price and Evo usually has last year's at even better prices. I think they've added a bit of a front rocker since mine were made, check their website. Mine have held up great and I beat the shit out of skis.

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    while my fellow minnesotans are in the room...

    is this the go to type ski for around here?

    im looking for some beaters to play around with friends on occasion at the local hills and only have my previous pnw quiver of one, 194 xxl's, not exactly appropriate for local use anymore haha

    on the ski logik front, only thing i can add is build quality seemed tops on the pair i fondled, very solid feeling in hand and just as sexy in person as the pics suggest

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    I'll build you anything you want with a pretty wood top sheet. Made in VT/USA not Taiwan too.
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    I use to like 185 G3 Tickets (82mm) for our tilted skating rinks. They could carve anything, but just grew tired of having such a skinny ski. Currently, I have jumped up to a pair of 189 OG Seth Pistols (95mm) due to the fact that they were free. If I could choose any ski, I would lean towards a pair of Kastle BMX 88's. I do have a pair of 192 Armada TST's (102mm) that I use regularity when it softens up, as well as a pair of 189 Icelantic Keepers (119mm) for travel FWIW.
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    Bump since I am considering these skis. Anybody have any more info on these? I'm on 179 Volkl Bridges and 181 Surface Live Life's for reference. Also, how big are you and what length have you skied. I'm 5 ft 9 in and 165 lbs. I'm feeling like I may be a tweener between the 174 and 182 length. Having a length of 182 seems short for a longest length.

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