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    one of those gaper mountain towns


    CDOTís car counts at the tunnel have been consistently down March-August, the most significant decrease being in April, with more than 50% reduction. Itís been steadily increasing every month since, but still shy of 2019 numbers.

    July and August were still 100,000-200,000 below 2019.

    It definitely seems busier, but the numbers indicate otherwise.

    Calls for service for the SO have been down, most significantly during April and May. I havenít broken it down by call type, but guessing we had a lot less traffic complaints, and maybe a slight uptick in assault/DV. July/Aug numbers were down, but barely.
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    Dude its losers like you that give ski bums a bad rap.

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    I don't know. Maybe I really need to take a hard look at my own knowledge and practices, but there is no way I would look at an avalanche forecast that points out only the potential for relatively small wind slab avalanches on N-E-SE aspects and think that the forecast actually means that I should expect to trigger a wind slab on a W aspect that would step down to the ground and entrain enough snow to take out a roadway. If this is such an obvious exception, maybe it should be spelled out for us layman in the report.
    I responded to your post above in the thread on this topic here:
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    skiing is hiking all day so that you can ski on shitty gear for 5 minutes.

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    In a van... down by the river
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    Can you guys please weigh in on this.... has this been a normal traffic summer season this year, or is it way busier than normal out there?

    I'm kinda newish to Front Range driving again after having lived in the mountains for the last several years. I honestly am kind of broken at this point with how crowded every goddamn weekend has been the last 4 months in Colorado.

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    If you want to stay sane, you need to find a way to avoid I-70 on the weekends.

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    Welcome back to the shitshow HBM!
    To escape the crowds, I recommend Herman Gulch or Second Creek.

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