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    Anybody tried this Rossignol Experience 100 yet?

    Just saw the short write up on the new Rossi Experience 100 for next year on Blister. I've been looking for a skinny ski in the 100mm range. Something stiffer and was considering Mantras, Bonafides and E98's. This has caught my eye and I'm a little curious. Wish the turning radius was a little longer and I'd like to see a mid to high 180's length but still intriguing. Chime in if you've had a chance to demo these or at least fondle them.
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    Just took a peak, that ski looks very interesting. This could be a nice quiver filler ski. I agree I wish the radius was higher, I think mid to high 20's would have made a lot more sense.

    Now they just need to get the thing on snow and update the review.

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    Demoing next years skis on tuesday/wednesday... if I get on it I'll let you guys know what I think!

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    Skis great, as strong as the E98 on the groomers, but a bit more forgiving in the chop due to the redesigned tip and rocker profile.
    I know its supposed to come in a 190cm length and if it holds true to past product that would be more of a 22m radius. Hope that helps. Graphic is sweet, real simple.

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    Interesting. I've got the 98 in a 180 (5'10" 170) as a no new snow ski and have to admit that I was suprised at how demanding it is and how much camber it has, the rocker is only at the very tip. It's the most powerful ski that I've skied since the old race room LP and that was a 186, it feels very similar, huge torsional stiffness.

    edit- looking forward to the 100, sounds like Rossi thought a bit of the same. A slightly eased up front part of the ski w/out changing the back would be sweet.
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    Skied both the new 100 and 88. Thought both were noticeable improvements over the models they replaced. Much more lively! I think they only guys who might not like the new ones over the older shapes and builds probably weighs well north of 200lbs...
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