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Thread: Whatcha tying?

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    true, verbiage is lost on me
    Quote Originally Posted by Timberridge View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Toadman View Post
    Can you pump oil back into a well, like they do with pumping sea water into one? Might be a good idea to explore that option...
    It's a bit like putting a shit back in someone's colon.

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    Thumbs up damn dude

    I didn't think you were going to entertain yourself with that, I don't have any patience and that kind of thing makes me lose it if I don't get what I want, I'd rather just fish for now, then when I get a little older capable and I want to make ties hehehe

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    Whatcha tying? YOUR MESSAGE

    Nothing these days having quarantine by Covid-19. Stay Home Stay Safe

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    I tied some flies.

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