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    Big fan of Tumi. Their stuff is not cheap but it is really nice and well-thought-out and they have a million options: <- that's just the backpacks, they also have a ton of messneger bags, duffles, etc. etc.

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    Use your Dakine and spend the money on some merino clothing.
    Remind me. We'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

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    a F-Stop pack

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    Check out our light weight packs ranging from daypack to expedition..

    They are Made in Nepal and Tested and recommended by Sherpa's of Nepal

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagtagley View Post
    Use your Dakine and spend the money on some merino clothing.
    This isn't a terrible idea. I took my Sequence on a surfing trip cause all I needed was a couple pairs of boardshorts and some t-shirts. I think I didn't even remove the photo block, I just stuffed a bunch of shit around the edges. Only problem is that you are walking around with a pack that looks like it has expensive shit in it.

    I can also second the REI flash packs. I have one that I bring with me most trips in my suitcase for impromptu hikes/day trips/etc. If you went the duffel route, that would be an ok way to have a little mobility (assuming you have a safe space for your bag), and the bag packs down to almost nothing when you're not using it.

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    ate'ems still a dildo, and this is a shitty spam bump.

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