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    Buddy has one and really likes it. Was skiing with him not long ago when he kicked off a small windslab and started to get swept. He popped the bag, but was able to self arrest without too much trouble. Bag inflation ended up being unnecessary, but better safe than sorry. It's pretty nice that he was able to simply repack the bag and keep skiing without having to refill an air can.

    Airbag system aside, the bag seems to have a nice system for the shoulder straps. They're not firmly attached to the bag at the bottom, which allows the bag to shift a little bit with your body movements.

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    Anyone get some mileage on the Saga 40? Considering finally getting an airbag pack after all these years. Biggest concern I have is whether the safety tool compartment is big enough? My G3 320cm probe tends to not, or barely, fit a lot of packs out there, and I usually bring saw + snow study kit on most outings. Current pack is an Osprey Kode 42, that fits a lot of crap I usually don't need to bring for most day tours.

    It'd be nice if it's durable enough to last for a few years considering I'd have to remove a kidney and half of my liver to pay for it.

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    I have it, and while it is definitely usable i dont think it is a great pack. I like the swiveling shoulder straps which were mentioned by toast2266, although they can eb slightly wierd when skiing with a full pack.
    i also basically like the idea of the jetforce system, however there are downsides to the pack, some of them quite significant imho.

    First, it is very heavy. Maybe it just feels that way because we are not used to airbag packs being super heavy anymore, but it is and feels heavier if its empty, than a normal non-airbag daypack with all my stuff packed inside. OF course if packed with lots fo stuff (why use a 40l pack if not to carry lots of stuff) it gets much heavier, although it carries rather well (for an airbag pack). Because of how the battery and balloon are constructed into the pack, it is quite hard to pack it, and even harder to pack it well. it also does not fit much stuff, at least not for the 40l size. there is no way i could use the pack for my typical multi-day trips, although i tend to carry lots of stuff. i can fit the following in the pack: avy gear, food for a day, 1,5l bottle of water large DSLR and two large lenses, goggles, gloves, fleece-jacket, hardshell-jacket and down jacket. thats about it, not much room left then. if i have to carry a rope for example, it has to go to the outside. if i carry crampons, i put them inside but my jacket goes to the outside for skinning.
    it is kind of a hassle to pack '(at least compared to other packs, since you have to pack around the battery (which is awkwardly positioned) and the balloons. i found it best to pack just from the top and mainly stuff things in, but to unpack from the back-panel opening. most other (newish) airbag packs, most of all the arcteryx ones, are MUCH more organised inside and therefore easier to pack and more effective to use.
    the avy pocket is roomy, but not very long. e.g. the D-grip handle of my burton ak shovel only fits if i take the two tubes of the geip/handle apart, so my shovel is in three parts.

    OVerall, i am probably not gonna be using the pack much anymore and would definitely not buy it for the ridiculously high price, unless i would be flying with it regularly.


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