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    Need recommendations: Provo &/or SLC trail running options

    I'll be up in Provo visiting my brother Thursday and want to hit some trails. I'm sure there are tons, but, I have yet to find a good resource via the google. Can someone point me to a good source of knowledge? Or shoot me some recommendations? Hoping to squeeze anywhere from 15-30 miles in....Originally was thinking a double Timp, but, I don't wanna run up that in snow...

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    PM Xover or DTM. They do (did) a lot of that stuff, some even made it into Adam Barker's portfolio for awhile.

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    Weather is looking shaky Thursday, are you ok with the snow, just not snow + exposure, or do you want to stay lower?
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    How much snow & how high? There's a fair amount to keep you busy above Orem via Shoreline/Foothills trails and the web of fun they access. Aspen Grove + Timp is great, but I also really enjoy the Squaw Peak/Rock Canyon/Provo Peak network. Access from Provo Canyon (up Squaw Peak rd), Rock Canyon above Provo, or from points further south if you're down that way.
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