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    And it is so fucking warm. I rennet jogging down for Dawn patrol being just a tad chilly in my board shorts until I hit the water and it felt like a bath. As soon as that sun came up, the beach was toasty. Have fun.
    Did it generally get blown out in the PM, or did conditions stay good most days? I assume the sebreeze is kind of a cross/off on the S facing breaks?

    Since we're staying about 30 mins north I doubt I'll be down there in the early AM with a crew of non surfers in tow

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    We were there in February, so different.

    There was a classier period in the morning, maybe until 11am or so. Then a slight sea breeze would develop. Cross off for sure. Not horrible. And it would typically glass off an hour before sunset.

    I surfed early mostly because I had a two year old and in laws back at the condo and could get in a decent Dawn session and meet them for breakfast. We were in Punta Mita so it was maybe a 15 minute drive.

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    Ugh this thread is killing me. Longest stretch without a MX trip for 10 years.

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