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    Recomend Guitar Teacher SE Denver Please

    my teenage son is an advanced beginner guitar player....took lessons two years ago and ready to get back to it.....we live in SE Denver (Quebec/Cherry Creek Dr.)...he likes music and is playing on his own, but needs a teacher....someone who can teach, but do songs a teen likes (actually likes classic rock, Michael Frante, B Marley, P Floyd...actually more than radio current music)....someone in our part of town for after school or eves, not weekends (we ski too much?!).....actually took lessons originally from a guy he liked who skis; out of the "Music Box" store in Denver, but they abruptly closed and we can't find him......anyway any recs? thanks, Chet

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    Luke Mossman is the man you seek.

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    Is there any reason you wouldn't consider online guitar lessons? You can get access to a lot of different instructors, save a bunch of money and play when and where you want.

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