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    Do you ever get scared?

    A kinda quirky thing has happened the last three times I've been skiing. I got sketched out and spent more time looking up hill than down. I'm not talking post traumatic stress syndrome, but it was just odd.

    So my accident was in Dec. I got back on skis in Jan. Both trips I had then were mellow; first one a few friends came out West and I spent a few days on green groomers helping them out. Then I went on a trip to Europe and again..took it pretty light, was skiing w/my dad and I stayed on pretty mellow terrain.

    Fast forward to the end of Feb and I'm out and just thinking "fuck, please nobody hit me" Each time day one has been ugly, day two has been better because I get away from the crowds early and find my rhythm.

    I searched on "fear" and "scared" and so much shit came up I figured I'd just post up and ask. Got any tips to help "get over it"? Like I said, I can get myself staightened up but it just chaps my ass that I could spend any time skiing and be that anxious.


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    Just remember...

    "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

    Seriously though. Remember that you're a good skier and you're fully capable of skiing said line. I've found and continue to find that a big hinderance to the progression of my skiing is my head. Yes, some lines are beyond my ability while others are a push. But there are some lines that scare me despite the fact I'm fully capable of skiing them. When the butterflies hit, it's hard to take a step back and look at a line objectively. Generally when this happens, I bypass the line, look at it from another perspective, kick myself for not hitting it, and then go back up and erase the demon. And sometimes that's a multiday process.
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    on the pointy end, calling the line, swearing my fucking ass off
    I still get spooked every once in a while landing the backseat on my ass just slightly wrong and my back feeling a slight twinge....

    I just breath and keep going.

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    Try setting yourself small goals like finding a shortish run that can be crowded but you can get off if needed. Try it at your normal pace and when you finish it think about how you managed. It may take a couple of false starts but as you a achieve the goals, set new ones that are a little bit further outside your comfort zone.

    If things persist, some cognitive behavioural therapy may be helpful. It's very a very practical approach to managing anxiety that doesn't involve lying on a couch or anything too touchy feely. It can give you strategies to get on top of negative sensations when they start to well up.
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