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    FIFA Soccer for xbox

    Is it any good? Can I get it streaming? I have a back injury and need a new game COD is fun but getting old. Maybe Madden? That BioShock Infinite looks pretty cool but might get boring fast.
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    still think FIFA is the most realistic sports game EA has put out. Need to get FIFA 12 or newer. I don't even play the other EA sports games anymore after getting into FIFA.

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    just poking my head in to recommend the new Tomb Raider game. fuggin ballsy. or the original Bioshock is also awesome and, I think, better than Bioshock Infinite which I am kind of playing now...but mostly not playing at all.
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    FIFA is the best sports game of all time. I'm serious. It beats NFL blitz n64, which previously held the title in my mind.

    Bioshock infinite is great and it comes with the original. But its short and single player... you will be done with it in a week.

    I'm currently in battlefield phase. Not as good as COD.

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