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    FWIW... wife just bought a heavier weight one for winter one to replace my 20y/o from HS era. We've bought our summer and winter ones from The Company Store; good quality and certified down, decent prices with coupons.

    Winter is Medium weight, summer is light -

    We're both pretty warm sleepers and are fine with the light down during the summer when we can usually cool our room down to low-70s/high 60s by bed time. We also use linen sheets and that's a huge help during the warm months. I kinda cringe at spending the extra $$$ for the setups, but they payoff for nice sleeping!

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    Wife bought a heavier down comforter from Eddie Bauer recently. Our bedroom is in basement of house with wood heat as our only heat on main floor so it can get chilly down there. So far I've been warm under it so far even with a few -20 and -30F nights. Our previous was a goose down from my aunts geese that she made us that was pretty dam warm but this one is quite a bit warmer.

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    Some time in my later youth, I started having some pretty rough respiratory symptoms. I developed a persistent hack and wheeze that I attributed to smoking too much weed. After a couple months of this my mom came to a similar conclusion. She was convinced I was either smoking cigarettes (I wasn't) or I was smoking weed (I most certainly was). I denied the hell out of it, but was coming to the bleak realization that I was going to have to quit or face some consequences.

    I get home from school one day and she walks up and hugs me and apologizes profusely. A couple months earlier, she had replaced my synthetic comforter with a nice down one. In some sort of motherly epiphany, she realized (based on allergy tests years before) that I'm allergic to down. I went back to the old comforter and the cough disappeared within days. She felt bad for months after. I was mostly glad I could keep smoking weed.
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