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    Good bike shop in bozeman?

    Yeah i know there is a favorite LBS thread, but didn't see anything. Anyways just started riding last year on a heckler I picked up from a friend. I have been into Summit, Ace, and bangtail for various things and it felt like they didn't even want to bother talking to me. I had owenhouse do a basic service last year and it took twice as long as they said and cost quite a bit more than they quoted me, which would've been fine if they bothered asking me. I know summit carries santa cruz so maybe i should give them a try. I need to get basic shit done(brakes bled, new pads etc) put a new cassette in as well as switch my setup over to a 2x9 with bash. Seeing as how i haven't worked on bikes since way back i have no problem paying for the shop to do the work. It just seems no one even wanted to talk to me about what i wanted to get done. I have heard the guy who runs bike peddler is really nice guy who has a nice DH bike even though that's not what his shop caters too. So what shops do you guys recommend in bozeman? or just tell me i'm an ass..

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    none of the shops in town are exceptional, IMO.

    my lady has had good luck with owenhouse and I've heard that they've upgraded their attitude in the last couple years, but haven't been there personally. we have both had good experiences with bike peddler. they stock useful shit and are actually friendly, but i haven't had them work on my bike.

    I'm pretty down on Roundhouse at the moment.
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    I've used Owenhouse as they're the only shop open on Sunday (WTF?) but a friend has recommended Alter Cycles. Pretty much service based as I think he's only dealing Ibis'. An added bonus is Wild Crumb bakery is close.

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