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    What's up my electrical friends. I will be into my second year of commercial electrical experience (as of now I have 1100 hours commercial electrical experience) in September. I lived in Steamboat Springs for a long time, but moved home to gain experience in the trade. I am looking to relocate this fall/ late fall back to Denver. I am looking to apprentice and a reputable company in Denver. I'm not really sure what I need to do to better my situation, and I am really looking for a company that I can stay for a long, long time. Career things. I have a complete list of things I have done and can do (if interested). Basically I am asking around here to see what companies I should look to apply to, and what requirements I need to meet when the time comes. Any information from someone in the trade in the area would be greatly appreciated. I understand this board gets low traffic, so I will be bumping every so often to get views and hopefully replies. I think the biggest thing I am looking for is a company that prides themselves on craftsmanship and tight work, as I have been fortunate enough to work for some good electricians who pride themselves on their work. I am also looking for a company that offers an apprenticeship program, but I can also do this at a trade school if necessary. Any insight and information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    PM me. I work in the industry, on the sales side. Manufacturer's rep. I could get you some contacts.

    Do you really want to do electrical work, or would you be interested in the sales side. Many of the distributors I deal with would love to hire a guy with experience, especially in the gear and lighting areas. Think about it. Sky's the limit on the sales side, and you have the credentials. Just have to be smart, willing to learn, not on drugs, and personable.

    Again, PM me and I'll get you some people to talk to.

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