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    Ski boots in Alaska


    I'm planning on climbing in Alaska in mid may, and wanted to know if I will get cold feet if I climb in my Scarpa Maestrale ski touring boots. Planning on climbing on Mount Hunter, so up to 4000m rather than 6000m on Denali. I climb in my ski touring boots in spring in the Alps, no problems with cold feet (and techy enough for what we want top do). Would a pair of overboots (minus 40 etc.) make this safer. I know that people have climbed the moonflower in old-school scarpa plastics (omega's) and been fine, so maybe similar touring boots will be too?



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    Have no idea how cold the alps are in Europe. On Hunter at the 14,000 feet/4,200 meter elevation, expect between -20 degree Fahrenheit and +30 degrees. Do not know your route or capabilities. If you plan to stand around belaying or waiting on other members of group you might want an overboot. If you plan to be moving continually you should be alright. I would at least bring a pack of chemical warmers for each day you plan to climb.
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    Are you skiing hunter? If so badass! If not why not just get a pair of good climbing boots. If you're spending all that money to get there why not just spend a little more on boots. Lighter and warmer and more comfortable.

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