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    [QUOTE=LHutz Esq;5935621]The Mrs has the pic - I’ll try to grab it. Yep grandma tina’s old man and the rest of the stam family built the powder hounds cabin just above the Watsons on sidewinder back when it was only the prairie Bob was pretty tickled when we sent him a vid of the kids (mine and the cousins) ripping “his” run. Thanks for that Al![/QUOTE

    no i in team as they say

    We had a pretty regular crew of skiers who showed up with their saws pretty regular for 2 seasons to make up the crew
    Lee Lau - xxx-er is the laziest Asian canuck I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith of Smithers View Post
    LHutz; I wish to gently remind you that Hudson Bay Mountain is designated non-motorized. A few of us have been trying to keep snowmobiles from taking over the mountain in the spring skiing season for many years (decades).
    I usually agree with you Keith.

    Let’s say that was a special occasion and we did not stray far from the trails designated for mechanized use. We hiked.

    In any event she is put away now - hopefully not for ever. Good luck on your future efforts.

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    Things will never be the same around here.

    And no I am not making any grim, apocalyptic predictions about how things are going to play out. We will be fine. I am referring to the fact that our sparsely populated and recreationally rich corner of NW BC will soon become even more of a draw to amenity migrants. They are coming my friends. Mark my words gentlemen, over the next few years, even more people are going to move here.

    We've talked about the influx of youngish skiers, bikers, climbers and other outdoor types on this thread before. But as I am perusing the various threads on this message board and seeing pictures of overcrowded parking lots, people tripping over each other in the back country, I can't help but think that those that can, will start looking north to Smithers, Terrace and environs and see it as an increasingly desirable place to live. And those that can't, well, they'll make it happen anyway just like many of us did because we wanted to live here.
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