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    I have narrowed it down to one of these skis, and would like to hear from someone who tried them both

    Even though they have somehow different radius it seems that the nocta does have pretty long straight part ,that would make it ski like a longer radius ski in pow

    What i primarily want is FLOAT , and i think they both would offer that, so the only real question would be due to the length, which of them is softest and most nimble ,easiest to pivot in tight situations


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    I know nothing of the bc (black crowes?) nocta.
    I've skied the 180 whitedot redeemer and it's fairly stiff, and I think the 190 is more stiff than the 190. Agressive tip and tail rocker on the redeemer makes it pretty loose.

    190 whitedot redeemer must be heavy (180 is 10.0 lbs, 4.5 kg for the pair)

    consider pm'ing skime (he's on the new 190 redeemer carbonlite)
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    I use new 190 Redeemers as my UT powder board and they get me more exited to ski than any other sticks I have ever been on!!!Hands down amazing!!! and have been on a ton of skis this season.
    They are very stiff yet supple, extremely predictable and crazy floaty, slarvey/surfy!!! And due to there 5 point contact design makes them very versitile in terms of carving through crud and hardpack. I will ski them 2-3 days after first initial powder day. They charge crud and chunder fuck just as well as they float and piviot. Truely a ski at the peak of modern gear progression/function. Stay over the tips and charge, no tip dive at all!!
    I mounted mine at -5 of true center. which is the exact center of the skis widest contact points. Its perfect! Have nothing bad to say about them!!!!

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    So skied whitedot redeemer 190 today at FR line in mostly light 2-3 foot blower. So fun just pop or charge or slash and they work great Similar to my stock MAP veneer 192 protest but reverse camber makes it ski quite different. Almost more pop and charge but still quite easy to starve or slide. Itís more ski than protest at stock flex but still quite fun. No float issues and not bad on groomers. Protest is a little better on groomers
    Also have nocta 190 so will do full compare. Thought I would bump an oldie for a goodie.

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    I've skied the Noctas in storm conditions and own a set of Redeemers....the Nocta's feel more directional...less surfy and loose than the Redeemers. It felt like the Nocta was more "power through the snow" than "surf on top of the snow". The redeemers might feel a bit unhinged at high speeds in rough surface conditions...while the Nocta's feel more planted. Redeemers get +10 fun factor without beating up the pilot. Plus...there's a lot of dots.....there's that... Haven't spent time with Noctas in all conditions....

    If you want float (as mentioned)...I like the Redeemers better...

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