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    Dynafit Huascaran Review

    Me: 22 years old, 5"10 165lbs. PNW. Advance Intermediate.

    Skis: 186CM Dynafit Huascaran
    135 / 114 / 124 mm
    Turn Radius: (triple radius) 35 / 20 / 30 m
    Bindings: TLT Vertical

    Current Set up: 4FRNT CRJ 180CM with Radical ST, 179CM Klint Prime with Marker Barons
    Previously Skied: 175CM Black Diamond Velvet.

    This is my first review so please excuse me if it is lacking certain details.

    I took the Huascaran out to Stevens Pass in WA on 1/29/13 with 11" past 24 hours. The Huascaran is an extremely lightweight ski considering how fat it is, around 8lbs. I was very impressed by how such a light weight ski handled the cut up crud on the backside of Stevens Pass at Mill Valley. It didn't take long for me to get accustom to the length of the ski and found the ski to be fairly stable at speed and loved to charged. Since the ski is meant for backcountry touring there is a speed limit in the crud but performs remarkably well. I was able to find some deep untouched powder in some gladed trees and the ski never had tip diving and stayed up on top of the snow very well. For being a big mountain backcountry ski it performed way better than I thought navigating the gladed trees. The Huscaran has plenty of girth for powder but stays remarkably nimble among the trees. If one was doing super thick tree skiing I would size down but the Huascaran is really meant for speed and charging soft snow, and it excels at that. The ski has some pop and is fun to get air with it. The ski was surprisingly quick on the hardpack and windscorn ridges and was decent at it. The lack of significant camber and girth makes the Huascaran uncomfortable to carve for extended times but when you need it the ski is very quick to give it. Overall I am very impressed by the Huascaran and Dynafit surprised me with how versatile the ski is. For a pure backcountry pow ski I would definitely replace my CRJ but it lacks some of the versatility for a resort ski that the CRJ offers. Anyone looking for a backcountry powder ski that wants optimal float and an energetic, driving ski should considering the Huascaran!

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    i like my 177 Huascaran. I weigh 170 pounds. does great in powder. if no powder i use something else.

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    Just had my first day on a new-to-me set. Similar impressions, great ski.

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    I've skied a pair of 177 Huascaran since they first came out. I really like the ski in that size. Surprised when I looked up the turn radius and just how big the stated numbers on the ski are. Always thought it a much quicker ski when skiing it. The 196 feels like the numbers on the ski. 35-22-30 They are boats. I used them one winter and have sat since.

    But the 177s I love in tight trees and deep snow.

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