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    Trade - Look P18 for less manly clamps

    I have a pair of Look P18 from 4-5 years ago that are sitting on way-too-burly-for-me Legend Pros. They're the grey and orange model, skied probably 100 days. You know the deal, all metal, indestructible. Skinny brakes, they were already bent to accommodate the LPs (105 mm?).

    I'm tempted to pull them if anyone is interested in a trade for a less manly version. I'm old and brittle and the DIN range is a bit over what I need after 4 years in dynafits. Bonus points if there's interest in the SLC area and the traded clamp comes with a 130 ish mm brake and they happen to have the same old pattern (I know, that's a lot).

    I can post pics if there's interest. They pop up is you Google look P18 grey.
    Oh, and as much as it breaks my heart to write this, if anyone wants to take the 194 raceroom LPs they're mounted on, we can talk. I haven't skied on them in a couple of years and they deserve a better life. They're well used and well cared for. Probably from 05 or 06, the orange version with the metal tip. Best ski ever made?

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    I've got some px14's in good shape laying around collecting dust. could toss some cash your way as well.

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